Published 03/11/2023


David Harrower

cast: Jil DevresseJules Werner, Maria Pawelec

After 15 years of silence, Una, a young woman in her twenties, pays Ray a visit at his workplace, a photo of him in a trade magazine having put her on his track. The last time she saw him, she was twelve, he was forty, and they had a « relationship ». They haven’t set eyes on each other since.

Through gripping dialogue, each in turn reveals how their lives have been turned upside down, subjected to the judgment of others.

Allusions, hesitations, uncovered lies; until the final twist, the play keeps you guessing.

directed by – Myriam Muller
costumes and set design – Anouk Schiltz
lighting design – Antoine Colla
music – Claire Parsons
coproduction Théâtre du Centaure, CAPE

25, 28, 29 november 20h00 – Théâtre du Centaure
26 and 30 novembre 18h30 – Théâtre du Centaure
1st december 20:00 – Théâtre du Centaure