Lis Dostert


Phone : 00352621752175


Size : 168 cm
Hair color : Light Brown
Eye color : Brown
Languages :
English : Fluent
French : Fluent
German : Fluent
Luxemburgish : Mother Tongue
Other : Spanish intermediate
Skills : Karate, Ski, Squash, Football, Yoga, Wakeboard, Juggling, Swimming, Shooting


Training : 2020 Viewpoints workshop with Claire Thill and Frieda Gerson 2014-2018 Cours Florent 2016 Shakespeare workshop with Stephen Jameson 2015 Characterisation workshop with Giles Foreman 2005-2007 Children's theatre with Christine Reinhold

Lis Dostert


Director: Gabriel Pinto Monteiro
Role: Ka


Author: Thomas Melle
Director: Wolfgang Hagemann
Role: Person 1 und 2
Produced and performed at the Kasemattentheater in Luxembourg.
En Quête
Author: Fabio Godinho
Director: Fabio Godinho
Role: Afghan women, cat
A creation of Fabio Godinho with the help of the artists involved and immigrants who live in Luxembourg and who told us their stories. The show was performed at the Trifolion who produced it.
Esch ass Dout
Author: Richtung22
Director: Richtung22
Role: Hyperbolos
The play was performed at the socle C during Esch2022.
Die Laborantin
Author: Ella Road
Director: Fabio Godinho
Role: Char
A co-production of the Theatres de la Ville de Luxembourg and the Staatstheater Mainz, the play has been performed in German at the théâtre des Capucins and in Mainz.
Grêve générale contre le Luxembourg
Author: Richtung22
Director: Lis Dostert
Role: I directed the play
The play was performed in Audun-le-tiche and was the end project of Richtung22 for Esch2022. It was written and performed in French.
Author: Lis Dostert
Director: Purple Soup Crew
Role: Missy
The play talks about the porn industry, was written by me and was part of the selection for the Fringe 2022 in Edinburgh at the French Institute of Scotland.
Dräi Schwësteren
Author: Ian De Toffoli
Director: Dahlia Kentges
Role: Irina
Produced and performed at the Kasemattentheater in Luxembourg and at the Kinneksbond in Mamer.
Author: Lis Dostert
Director: Lis Dostert
Role: A
The play was performed at the Fringe Festival in Edinburgh in 2018 and at the théâtre du centaure in Luxembourg.